TOC Biometrics, leader in biometric identity verification, will be present at Expo Hospital with its 100% digital solutions

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Press Expo Hospital 2023

The company, specialized in the development of digital technologies in identity verification, will participate in Expo Hospital 2022, where it will exhibit its innovative solutions for the health sector, 100% digital, sustainable, fast and secure. TOC Biometrics has more than 12 years in the market and today is one of the leaders in biometric identity verification in Latin America. Its solutions and products measure physical attributes such as fingerprints, faces or irises, to verify that a person is who he or she claims to be. TOC Biometrics’ innovative solutions offer several benefits to the hospital industry, including face-only verification of patient identity, web-based scheduling and reservations, 100% digital signatures, and authorization of electronic medical documents such as prescriptions and licenses, among others. This technology reduces the risk of identity theft and generates faster, safer and more efficient processes. TOC Biometrics has more than 200 million identity verifications, 50 million electronic signatures and over three million onboardings. The company works with multiple clients across all industries, spanning Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, and Retail, among others.

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