The future of healthcare and the impact of IOT on healthcare

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Press Expo Hospital 2023

The future is exciting and Chile has everything it needs to solve major integration and technology challenges, as it has a unified workforce, natural resources, the collective brainpower; but most importantly, the ability to collaborate and execute efficiently. It is in this context that a new device has been developed to help bring remote medical care sensing to a new, global stage. IOTSM presents RMCS “Remote Medical Care Sensing” (Remote Medical Monitoring Sensor). This compact device is the result of a high level integration of hardware and software of our authorship, which allows remote monitoring in real time (pulse oximetry, ECG, EMG, Body Temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure, among others) transmitting the information captured by the sensors of patients and which in turn, facilitates integration with other equipment and / or systems without affecting or interrupting its operation. When we think of care and medical attention, regardless of their condition, it is necessary to have an efficient assistant, but also gives us the peace of mind that our patient is being permanently observed and evaluated which in turn allows us, to a large extent, anticipate episodes that could be serious and that are warned and reported from this device, allowing timely decision making. For these and other reasons, we are proud and confident that the RMCS solution is a state-of-the-art device that reaches the global market and the healthcare market in order to contribute to the efficiency of medical management processes. efficiency in medical management processes.

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