T-SALUD innovated in telemedicine and attracted attention at Expo Hospital

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Press Expo Hospital 2023

The chilean company T-Salud, part of the TotalPack group, which has more than 30 years of experience in technological and logistic solutions in the health area, attracted attention at ExpoHospital with its innovative module for semi-presential patient care “tConsulta”, which not only allows connection with the doctor, but also delivers clinical information in real time, allowing more precise, rapid and decisive diagnoses, together with the possibility of integrating with the agenda, record, prescription and interconsultation systems of public and private providers. “We are very pleased to offer our health system a product that has been very well accepted since its launch. To date, thousands of patients in Chile have tried the system, being present in important providers such as UC Christus, BUPA (Integramédica), Clínica Alemana de Osorno, MEDS Antofagasta and soon the Clínica Alemana Santiago and the Psychiatric Hospital, which will become the first experience in the public world,” said María Paz Soriano, the company’s Business Manager. Hundreds of people came to the module and were able to try out first-hand the care experience and the devices that the system has (all FDA approved) which, together with the doctor’s guidance, provide an experience that has nothing to envy to a 100% face-to-face experience, taking telemedicine “to its 2.0 version”, as some attendees pointed out. According to industry sources, T-SALUD is already in negotiations with providers in Peru, Ecuador and Mexico who have expressed interest in using the tConsulta system, which means that the Company’s internationalization is not ruled out in the near future. In this respect, Soriano pointed out: “of course it is in the plans to expand, however, we want to consolidate in Chile and demonstrate that we are an alternative to collaborate in overcoming historical gaps in our system such as the specialty waiting lists; collaborate in a better management of medical resources and bring quality medicine to people who, due to distance, economic situation or time, have problems of access to the public or private health system”. www.t-salud.com

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