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Strategic Areas

This area includes the exhibition of a set of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) that are used to improve health in terms of: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Monitoring and Health Management. Digital health has its origin from the patient and are tools that allow to:

• Reduce inefficiencies in health systems
• Improve access to the population
• Reduce costs in the development of new drugs
• Personalize medical and pharmaceutical treatments
• Improve the treatment of chronic diseases due to the general aging of the population.

In Chile, the goals of the Digital Hospital promoted by the Government are to: Facilitate the provision of distance health services from the field of promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliative care.

Companies summoned:
Telemedicine and Health Information Technologies – AI, Artificial Intelligence and Massive Data Analysis – Interoperability – Virtual Reality – Augmented Reality – APP – Precision or Personalized Medicine – Robotics – among others.

The hospital infrastructure today is thought and developed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals who work in this field (architects, engineers, builders, designers, decorators, among others) together with clinical-hospital professionals responsible for the management and administration of these centers and also the teams in charge of patient care.

This area is focused on sustainability, energy efficiency, flexibility and harmony in design, patient needs, determining functional aspects, spatial comfort (design criteria), creating an environment and influencing the perception of the health institution’s image towards the community, both patients and health professionals. These are some of the concepts that are prioritized today to respond to the functionality of these Health Centers.

In parallel and with the same importance, today the incorporation of new technologies, equipment and materials is analyzed and evaluated so that Health Centers respond to the requirements of these demanding needs and policies for an efficient development of renovation and construction of new hospital infrastructure that our country requires today.

This area summons companies with solutions for:
Kitchen – Laundry – Hospitality – Energy – Air Conditioning – Furniture – Decoration – Parking – Catering – Vending Machine – Faucets – Floors- Paintings – Lighting – Modular Hospitals-Architecture and Construction Companies- among others.

It is characterized by high investment in research and development, with the aim of promoting accurate and timely diagnoses, the best possible therapies for patients and multiple tools that allow close monitoring of any disease and / or treatment. Its axes are: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Monitoring.

Innovation and technology allow advances to change and improve the lives of thousands of people, based on being able to increase the indices of well-being, comfort and satisfaction to those who use technologies, products and services, with high quality standards to guarantee that the patients receive the best results: safe, fast, less invasive, generating a teamwork cycle that involves health professionals, organizations and patients in order to deliver safe solutions, with a view to greater comfort or to recover their good Health.

Expo Hospital invites national and international manufacturers, representatives and / or distributors of:
Clinical equipment – hospital – ambulance and specialized transport: rescue units and patient transfers – nursing and monitoring – care and patient care – rescue equipment – medical – surgical equipment – hospital pharmacy – home health care and transitional care – imaging – diagnostic imaging – emergency medicine – nutrition, dietetics and food – rehabilitation, physiotherapy and orthopedics – sports medicine – laboratories, diagnosis and clinical analysis – hospital pharmacy and equipment – ambulatory care centers and critical units – surgical wards – high resolution technologies -nuclear medicine- cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention technologies- biosafety- In Vitro- among others.

Expo Hospital will bring together foreign companies from more than 10 countries that will present trends in clinical-hospital equipment, innovations in medical technology, Digital Health, solutions and new materials for hospital infrastructure, generating relationship opportunities with buyers and suppliers.

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