ScienSolutions is present at Expo Hospital 2022

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Press Expo Hospital 2023

ScienSolutions is the new HealthTech leader in home care in Santiago that promises to bring the most clinical services to the home. Created in 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, it consolidated itself as one of the leading companies in taking PCR tests at home adding over time other laboratory tests such as blood, urine and more. Currently, ScienSolutions has several services such as Telemedicine, Phonoaudiology, Kinesiology, Dentistry, and Clinical exams, achieving a comprehensive service that covers many more patients. We want to become a strategic partner of home care, supporting both the public and private sector to decongest the face-to-face care and where they can find everything in one place for all patients, whether Isapre or Fonasa. We know that healthcare in Chile is an issue that requires many changes by investing in innovation, eradicating waiting lists and the bureaucracy that still exists>>. HealthTech will provide free health advice and discounts for those interested to learn about their products and services available at their clinic located in Vitacura.

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