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Expo Hospital 2021

Proposals of presidential candidates in health matters gathered attention from eisach at Expo Hospital 2021

Within the framework of the International Health Meeting in Chile (EISACH), the programmatic managers of the presidential candidacies of Yasna Provoste, Gabriel Boric and Sebastián Sichel delivered proposals on health within the framework of the realization of the most important Health Fair, Expo Hospital 2021. [...]

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Exhibitors News

SEK UNIVERSITY present at Expo Hospital 2021

SEK University is the culmination of an entire pedagogical system started in Madrid 128 years ago. With more than 10,000 graduates and 33 years of life, USEK is an autonomous center integrated into the SEK International Institution. [...]

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NANOSERVICE present at Expo Hospital 2021

We are a CHILEAN company of highly specialized products, which use NANOCOBRE as the main asset in the protection and sanitization of contact surfaces. [...]

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