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Expo Hospital 2019

5 Professional associations have joined EXPO HOSPITAL 2019

The Professional Associations of Physicians, Nurses, Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Chemists, Kinesiologists and Nutritionists have committed their support […] [...]

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Connectis Chile: integration of IT solutions in Health

The increasing requirements in IT solutions of the national health centers have led Connectis Chile to be present at EXPO HOSPITAL 2019, [...]

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Lack of equipment to treat Cancer in Chile

Chile has more than nine thousand covered treatments (AUGE) on waiting list even though there is a guarantee deadline, more than 30% belongs to Cancer illness. The Public health system must grow 72% by 2028. The Ministry of Health established the lack of qualify specialist and medical equipment to treat oncology patients. Emilio Santelices Minister […] [...]

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Focused on future trends in medical technology and innovation

With its official presentation during the development of EISACH 2018 on October 4, EXPO HOSPITAL, 8th Exhibition and Conference of medical technologies [...]

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