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Press Center - Expo Hospital 2019

Expo Hospital 2019

Expo Hospital 2019: a meeting and networking place for health providers and professionals in Chile and Latin America

The meeting will take place between August 27, 28 and 29 and will be the instance for about 100 national businessmen […] [...]

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Sector News

Pictures of a fetus moving inside the womb allow better diagnosis of heart diseases

Violet-Vienna developed life-threatening abnormalities in the blood vessels around her heart while she was still inside her mother. [...]

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The study that reveals we never stop producing neurons (and why it is important)

For years, the belief that we were born with a limited number of neurons for our entire lives was installed. In fact […] [...]

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Having a necessary conversation on a health reform for Chile

The Minister of Health has announced that at the end of April he will send to Parliament an Isapres (Chilean Social Security Institutions) reform bill in order to create a guaranteed plan, eliminate pre-existing conditions […] [...]

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Innovation and Trends in Health

Korea and its cutting-edge technology

A varied and innovative range of technology for the health sector, including X-ray and laboratory equipment will be present by Korean companies at Expo Hospital. […] [...]

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Golden Blaze: Innovation in uniforms

In this version of Expo Hospital 2019, the Golden Blaze company from Concepción, Chile will present antibacterial fabrics, resistance to fading […] [...]

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