PORCELANOSA Group will participate in EXPO HOSPITAL 2022 presenting Krion®

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Press Expo Hospital 2023

Founded in 1973 with the spirit of offering its customers a product of the highest quality and always following the latest design trends, PORCELANOSA Grupo is today a benchmark company in the national and international market, based on values such as innovation and quality, but above all based on the trust placed in its extensive team, made up of almost 5,000 people, and on the attention it pays to its social environment. Present in more than 150 countries around the world, it is currently one of the most recognized Spanish companies worldwide. On this occasion, PORCELANOSA Group will participate in EXPO HOSPITAL 2022 presenting Krion®, a new generation solid surface created from two thirds of alumina powder with microscopic size (7 microns on average) and one third of advanced monomers, in addition to the addition of exclusive additives. The alumina trihydrate used is extracted from the mineral known as bauxite and refined before use to 99.8% purity. KRION® is a product that is warm and velvety to the touch, similar to natural stone, solid, homogeneous in mass, non-porous, available both in sheets and in figures made in molds and that allows the union between different pieces in such a way that the result of the union is imperceptible. The exhibition will provide the opportunity to learn more about its composition and its exclusive and differentiating properties with respect to other materials. It will be possible to corroborate aspects such as: the lack of pores, hardness, extraordinary antibacterial properties corroborated by tests carried out under ASTM G21 and UNE-EN ISO 846 in institutes of recognized international prestige, it is inert, non-toxic, passing the tests of REACH regulations and free of Bisphenol A, practically fireproof with European classification B s1 d0 according to UNEEN 13501-1, easy maintenance and repairable, with multiple possibilities of transformation, and a high level of resistance to chemical agents, steam or weathering. Thanks to its antibacterial properties and its additive-free composition, KRION® is the perfect solution for furniture and coverings in projects in the hospital sector and its possible applications in consultation rooms, service desks, common areas, signage, rooms and even operating rooms, where hygienic conditions are the most demanding. Among the many advantages for the healthcare sector, professionals highlight: – Bactericidal surface: Krion® does not allow bacteria to spread, an extremely important aspect in an environment where the probability of contagion is very high. – Ease of cleaning: As it has almost no porosity, Krion® does not allow dirt and contaminants to penetrate the material. Its imperceptible joints also contribute to the ease of cleaning, since there are no hard-to-reach corners where dirt can accumulate. – Resistance to chemical agents: Healthcare facilities must ensure, by all means, that the hygiene of the place is complete. For this reason, materials with aggressive compositions that disinfect and kill bacteria are often used. Krion® is resistant to such materials, ensuring surface integrity and durability. – High resistance: to chemicals such as strong acids without deterioration, ease of cleaning and regeneration capacity, as well as resistance to common products in sanitary environments such as blood, iodine dye and others. – Customization capacity: In hospital centers the requirement is to adapt the designs to the needs that guarantee the well-being of the users. The thermocurved property of our solid surface helps its adaptation to the environment under the established professional requirements. – Environmental Product Declaration: It has a type III eco-label based on life cycle analysis to evaluate the impact on the environment. The combination of aesthetic and technical characteristics make KRION® the ideal solution for use in hospitals and health centers. The wide variety of possible applications of KRION® in the healthcare environment makes it the best alternative for carrying out projects of different sizes and typologies. Furthermore, KRION® is an environmentally friendly material, as it can be 100% recycled and any product manufactured with it can be reprocessed and used again in its production cycle.

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