Nutriscience: Patient nutrition management

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Press Expo Hospital 2023

Patient nutrition is a fundamental part of their recovery and having the technology to support this process is increasingly necessary. This is why FSMax offers the Nutriscience solution, a software that nutrition teams use to control the intake and balances of each patient, register allergies, select the dishes of each diet, print labels for trays, obtain production orders for each area of the kitchen and track the entire process, with name, date and time of who made each change. On the other hand, it provides tools to make anthropometric and subjective evaluations and something very important, the management of SEDILE, a fundamental part of hospitals and clinics. The system connects with the hospital’s HIS through HL7 protocol and also has several apps to record the delivery and removal of trays, tracking of carts, control of intake and selection of dishes for the Patient or Companion. Nutriscience is a system with 30 years of evolution, among other things, it follows the Paperless concept and drastically reduces hospital food waste. It is used by clients in more than 5 countries, among others, Hosp Sirio Libanês and Albert Einsten (Brazil), Hosp Barton and Kaelin (Peru), Senior Suites, Clínica Las Condes, Clínica Los Andes, Clínica San Carlos de Apoquindo and Hospital Félix Bulnes (Chile).

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