Investment Plan

National Plan of Investment in Health 2018-2022 considers US$ 10 billion, according to the “Ministerio de Obras Públicas” estimate, to strengthening health network and national attention, through construction, replacement, maintaining, and improvement of sanitary infrastructure throughout Chile. Thus, in March 2022 the administration is committed to: Plan’s foundations There are six essential criterions to develop this plan: bed’s deficit, healthcare requirements, infrastructure’s status, growth of projects, implementation capacity and budget feasibility. The major surgery to health system that the current government impulses it includes the hospital strengthening as well as primary care. In this way, the intervention in health public network will be reflected in the whole country. It is a hospitals generation that will change and strengthen our public health with quality standard, energy efficiency, latest generation technology, friendly spaces, safe constructions with cultural identity, among other characteristics that show us the right to a decent health.