Investment Plan

The National Investment Plan for Healthcare 2018-2022 estimates US$ 10.000 million according to the Ministry of Public Works, aimed at strengthening the Health Network and the care of the population through the construction, replacement, maintenance and improvement of health infrastructure throughout Chile. Thus, by March 2022, the current government commits to: A) Complete the construction of 25 Hospitals B) Start the construction of 25 Hospitals C) Leave 25 Hospitals under study, design or bidding process D) Continue the development of 7 large facilities E) Progress in 9 major Hospital Works F) Strengthen Primary Health Care through: ● Construction of 120 primary care centers ● 40 in progress stage ● 40 under study, design or bidding stage Fundamentals of the Plan In order to this Plan to be developed six basic criteria were crossed: beds deficit, healthcare demand, infrastructure condition, maturity of the projects, development capacity and budget feasibility. The strengthening of the hospital infrastructure, as well as that of primary care, are part of the Major Surgery to Health promoted by the current government. In this way, the intervention in the Public Health Network will be reflected in almost the entire national territory. This plan involving the development of hospitals is supposed to strengthen Public Health by providing quality standards, energy efficiency, cutting-edge technology, friendly spaces, and safe buildings with cultural relevance, among other features that materialize the right to a Decent Health. Situation as of August 2018 The National Investment Plan has 28 projects in progress (4 of them under Design-Construction contract) and 9 facilities in bidding process. Digital Hospital Initiative: “Care Revolution” In its first stage it will includes 9 services and will bring the specialties to the whole country, taking care of more than 2 million patients by using IT, Big Data knowledge and Artificial Intelligence that will allow to store data of all patients and hospitals. Source: MINSAL 2018