NANOSERVICE present at Expo Hospital 2021

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Press Expo Hospital 2023

We are a CHILEAN company of highly specialized products, which use NANOCOBRE as the main asset in the protection and sanitization of contact surfaces. Given the current health crisis that affects us, we have developed a common vision in favor of commercializing innovative products, with a high antibacterial, viricidal, antifungal and anti-COVID-19 certificate content. Our mission is to help improve the prevention and care of people, companies and institutions, impacting the market with 100% effective solutions in the fight against the coronavirus. Our star product is a colorless and odorless protection varnish that is applied on any rigid surface, such as handrails, door handles, desks, switches, screens, stairs, elevators, etc. leaving a protective film that is maintained at least for 6 months and eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi, in addition to Covid in 2 minutes at 90% and at 5 minutes at 100%, certified by laboratory. In the formulation of the product we achieved more than 5 billion copper nanoparticles per cubic centimeter which makes it a unique and highly effective product in viral protection. Our product constantly releases ions from its copper nanoparticle structure, these ions impact the RNA and membrane depending on the case, achieving their destruction. We deliver a comprehensive service, from the evaluation of the surfaces, their application and subsequent review of the protective film. Our purpose is to provide a prevention tool to the COVID pandemic, in addition to other viruses and bacteria, both for Chile and the rest of the world. The benefits for companies and households are diverse, from the protection itself from any virus and bacteria, which implies a better quality of life for all people to a reduction in costs for companies related to medical licenses for contagious diseases and / or replacements of collaborators.

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