LIDITEC, a company that provides integral solutions for the transformation of clinical spaces, will be part of Expo Hospital 2021

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Press Expo Hospital 2023

LIDITEC, a company that provides integral solutions for the transformation of clinical spaces, will be part of Expo Hospital 2021 This family business, led by women, will present to the attendees of the fair its innovative line of heat-sealed clinical environment separators for health care, a solution that reduces the excessive maintenance costs of traditional fabric curtains. Their products are durable, easy to clean and possess antimicrobial properties. Health care involves a series of challenges and variables to take into account, both for institutions and for their staff. Among many others, it is necessary to guarantee the dignified treatment of the patient, respecting their privacy, modesty and intimacy (Law 20,584), have facilities that prevent, for example, the transmission of intrahospital infections, and also adjust these requirements to the internal budgets of each institution. For this reason, privacy, prevention and budget, are the three main problems that LIDITEC aims to solve with its antimicrobial clinical environment separators, easy to sanitize and with a long shelf life. Their proposal is a smart and sustainable alternative to fabric curtains that must be washed and replaced periodically. Seam-free and long-life separators “ACACIA” is the liditec separator model that can be used in emergency rooms, care boxes, ICU rooms, ICU, sampling and kinesiological care. It is foldable and flexible, with electronic sealing technology that ensures a waterproof product, is antimicrobial, non-flammable and has a protective layer that gives a completely smooth surface. This allows for quick cleaning and avoids the need for disassembly. On the other hand, the “ALERCE” model with similar characteristics, is an alternative to provide privacy in a lighter way and with the option of transparent window at the top to allow greater passage of light. LIDITEC also offers stainless steel and office furniture, as well as installation, maintenance and after-sales services. Innovation used in the most important health centers The human team that forms LIDITEC has been working for more than two decades in the delivery of solutions in the area of design and furniture for the main clinics and hospital centers in Chile, such as the Chile Security Association, the UC Christus Clinical Hospital, the Telethon Institute, the National Thoracic Institute, the University of Los Andes and the Mutual Security, among others. “Our proposal is based on active listening to our customers, we are dedicated to solving their needs and we value their opinions,” explained Berta Gómez, founder and commercial director. “We look for the avant-garde and adapt to trends, accepting all kinds of challenges. We invite attendees to come to our stand to tell us what kind of solutions they are looking for to guarantee the best service,” he added. Learn more about LIDITEC on its website

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