Instituto de Salud Pública (Public Health Institute) will consider the request to import the vaccine of AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford

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The vaccine continues in Clinical studies and it could arrive without being ready to be implemented. The Instituto de Salud Pública in Chile (ISP) informed that it received the import request of another of the vaccines that have been developed to deal with Covid-19: AZD 1222, manufactured by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford. The vaccine requires two doses, and according to the Health Minister, Enrique Paris, two million people will be inoculated with it. Nevertheless, in contrast with the Pfizer-BioNTech formula, that is already being implemented to the health personnel, the AZD 1222 remains on clinical studies stage. Thereby, although the importation is approved and arrives to national territory, it will not be able to be applied. Is its arrival possible without the usage authorization? The director of the ISP, Heriberto García, explains that “is a legal faculty granted by the drug law I, approved in 2014. The ISP has procedures and evaluation criteria for these cases that require authorizations for exceptional use (…) and in what its usage is justified when the lives of the people are in danger, in this case, a disease that damages patients. This is denominated as “Therapeutic advance of relevance” Thereby, he adds that the import and use of the vaccine are evaluated in parallel: “the ISP establishes if grants both authorizations or authorizes the importation and then the usage. Usually, both items are solved ensemble, but each request must be analyzed separately”. He details that about the vaccine’s authorization “safety and effectiveness are priority, and in this scenario the opportunity of supply for the pandemic control is important.” Source: El Mercurio

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