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Health sector in chile

The health sector has challenges and opportunities due that it is essential in the lives of people and society. In Chile, the health system is mixed at the level of financing, insurance and provision of health care.

Evolution of the sector
Defining factors:
• Increased life expectancy and aging of the population
• Prevalence of chronic pathologies
• Rapid incorporation of new medical technologies
• Changes in lifestyles

In 2018 and according to OECD data, health spending in Chile a year reached 8.9% of GDP, equivalent to MM $ 17,021,135 (MMU $ 26,584) 4.9% more than in comparison with the previous year.

Available beds
Chile has a total number of beds of 38,184 according to the census carried out in 2019. Of this number 7,115 correspond to private clinics (18.6%).
Between 2010 and 2019 the country showed a slight increase of 2.8%. However, beds in private clinics increased by 20.8%.

National Investment Plan 2018-2022- Ministry of Health of Chile
The Chilean government prepared a “National Investment Plan” to strengthen the Health Network, generating a timely and concrete change to the multiple needs of the population, through the construction, replacement, maintenance and improvement of health infrastructure.

As of May 2022, the current administration commits to:
• 25 Hospital Projects completed
• 25 Hospital Projects under construction
• 25 Hospital Projects under study, design or tender process

Regarding Primary Care, the commitment is to complete the construction of 120 APS facilities (CESFAM, CECOSF and SAR) by the first quarter of 2022.
Source: https://plandeinversionesensalud.minsal.cl/

Private Health Care Providers
• The association of Clinics of Chile brings together 39 health care institutions in Santiago and Chilean Regions.
• In Chile, as well as in most Latin American markets, there has been an increase in the participation of the private sector in health care industry
• It concentrates 7,115 beds (20.8% increase compared to 2018)

National Plan of Concessions 2020-2024- Ministry of Public Works
Hospital Tender
Considers 10 new tender processes with an investment of US $ 2,110 million.
Includes the construction of 15 hospitals (3,112 beds).

Ministerio de Salud de Chile- Plan Nacional de Inversiones 2018-2022

Objetivo fortalecer la Red de Salud, a través de la construcción, reposición, mantenimiento y mejoramiento de infraestructura sanitaria.

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