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Golden Blaze: Innovation in uniforms

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Press Expo Hospital 2021

In this version of Expo Hospital 2019, the Golden Blaze company from Concepción, Chile will present antibacterial fabrics, resistance to fading, easy maintenance and comfortable and functional garments designs for health staff. The general manager of this firm, Víctor Yañez, said that he considers it is very important to show the products we import and explain the features and advantages to the attendees. “We want to make accessible to all the use of a quality, functional and safe uniform and obviously, that our brand Golden Blaze is known and associated with products and customer service of excellence”, he said while informing that they keep competitive pricing and that they are suppliers of well-known health centers and schools in the southern Chile. These uniforms of brands such as Healing Hands, Life Threads, Wonderwink, White Cross and Adar Medical are brought directly from the United States. “We have garments with anti-fluid, antibacterial and antifungal fabrics, which can be used in places that require these characteristics”, notes the executive of this SME created in 2012. Finally, he said that they expected their participation in Expo Hospital 2019 to allow them to make the necessary contacts for the opening of new businesses” and to be informed about the new needs of our customers to go hand in hand with them”, he concluded.

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