Expo Hospital announces its exhibition in hybrid format and rescheduled its realization for October

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Press Expo Hospital 2023

The new edition, that will occur between October 26 and 28, will be in virtual and on-site format, aiming to ensure that everyone can be part of it, assuming that for that date there will still be travel restrictions in the world. During the days of the event, the International Congress will be held in parallel, where strategic matters for the sector will be discussed. Expo Hospital, the most important international exhibition of the Health Sector in Chile, initially scheduled between September 7 and 9, has been rescheduled for October 26 to 28 at Espacio Riesco, Santiago de Chile. The organization pointed out that this measure has been taken so that the exhibition is carried out in the best possible conditions, safeguarding the health and well-being of our collaborators, exhibitors, visitors, and strategic allies, and highlighted that is better to postpone for October aiming to hope that the situation due to Covid 19 is more stable and that the vaccination program is as advanced as possible, both in Chile and in the world. Expo Hospital’s managing director, Michele Pefaur, seize the opportunity to announce that the exhibition which will bring together the health sector will have a hybrid format for the first time, in other words, on-site and virtual. This will make possible to all to participate at the exhibition on any device and anywhere in the world, assuming that for that date there will still be international travel restrictions, and explained that “in this new edition will be space for networking, both on the premises and through the Expo Hospital Connect virtual platform, which will allow exhibitors and visitors to interact in both formats. In addition, it will have greater national and international coverage, having access to the exhibition at any place and time, with customizable booths in the on-site edition through the QR code and permanent update on the virtual booth”. Michele Pefaur also highlighted that “those who attend to the on-site exhibition will also be able to previously schedule meeting which will may coordinate in the virtual platform or at the on-site exhibition” and indicated that “the International Congress will be live during the exhibition, by streaming and on demand post-event through Expo Hospital Connect, which will also have an open Marketplace where companies will be able to exhibit its products and services with quick and advanced search filters for easy navigation. You will also check them at the on-site edition”. Finally, the organization emphasized that the development of the exhibition aims also to contribute to the economic reactivation and the development of the country through the business opportunities generation and the creation of direct and indirect employments that are produced in the context of the exhibition.

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