Ergotron: Key aspects for integrating quality telemedicine

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Press Expo Hospital 2023

For the whole world it was necessary to become more and more involved in the use of the health system through a mobile device since 2020. Everyone is aware of the impact and the effects that the pandemic has had on all sectors; the health sector is no stranger to these problems, which have had to overcome both the medical staff and those involved in health operations such as IT, from avoiding contact and therefore the contagion, as the need to solve the largest number of cases, and satisfactorily serve users. It is here when it becomes evident in the providers of this service; the urgent need to strengthen the implementation of Telemedicine, this obligation created the importance of investing intelligently in solutions that accelerate, optimize and generate totally healthy, viable, efficient and profitable environments for service providers and patients. Adapting and transforming the operation of companies with technology is a primary need, remote care is a daily occurrence and the use of Telemedicine is a vital option. According to Forbes magazine, today, more than 10% of medical visits are made through telehealth services. This percentage is notoriously reduced in Mexico and Latin America when only 1 in 10 people have access to a doctor; a situation that telemedicine can reduce with the implementation of telemedicine, according to the opinion of Omidres Perez, president of the Ibero-American Association of Telehealth. Ergotron as a pioneer leader of the benevolent resources needed in Telemedicine, has been concerned about generating equipment that comes to support each of the physical and mental tasks required by the demands of these complicated times. The effect of this is not only to improve the wellbeing of the users of our equipment, but also to increase the levels of effectiveness and efficiency in the Health Sector. Our ergonomic workstations create in Telemedicine, a flexible and accessible space that helps the professional from the documentation of patients quickly and comfortably to the diagnosis and care, which has a direct impact on the patient, feeling cared for with quality and warmth. We adapt naturally to the workflows, since our workstations promote efficiency and well-being, as they adjust to the needs of the caregiver and the patient. Our solutions are reliable; because you can manage and anticipate their use, thanks to the battery life and that of the devices required at the point of care. We optimize times, because a mobile workstation, containing the essentials of a routine, medicines, supplies and more; by planning the right equipment and improvements in workflow, we help health professionals get to the patient rooms faster with the right tools, with a single tool minimizes physical and mental work and therefore, lightens the workload. For the implementation of Telemedicine with ergonomic equipment, we are the harmonious link between employer and employee, as it promotes productivity, improves focus – thus avoiding errors, regulates the energy that is radicalized in care and promotes a good patient experience. For all of the above, we consider that Telemedicine ranges from primary care, clarification of doubts, and/or follow-up, to some medical specialty consultations. This allows to maintain the operation of a clinic, the contact with the patients and/or the continuity in the treatments. In terms of accessibility, patients from distant regions or cities can be attended, and in situations of confinement, preventive health orientation or follow-up can be provided. If it is accompanied by professional equipment such as Ergotron, we predict success in its application. If you want to know more about telemedicine and remote care, download the report free of charge: Three steps healthcare providers can take right now to make the most of the telemedicine revolution.

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