Chile is the second country with the most vaccines for every 100 inhabitants.

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The website ‘Our World in Data’, which collects official information on the advancement of the pandemic in the world, positions Chile second in the ranking of countries that administer the most doses per day every 100 inhabitants, being surpassed only by Israel’s extraordinary campaign. Health Minister Enrique Paris valued this process, which accelerated its march this week, although he said the results could begin to be seen only in mid-April. Epidemiologist Jaime Cerda, academic at the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Católica, attributes the good results of the vaccination process to three fundamental pillars: ‘The first is that the State, through the government, made timely agreements and contracts for the purchase of vaccines. In doing so it secured a supply that allows us to have put more than 4 million doses to date.’ The government estimates that during this year it will receive a total of 35,700,000 doses. The epidemiologist argued that the second pillar, “is our very good National Immunization Program (NIP), which has a lot of time working (since the 1970s) and has the capacity to run massive vaccination campaigns every year, for example with influenza. This is a program that has been running very well since before pandemic”. And “the third pillar has to do with people, who have responded quite well to the call. They have been responsible and enthusiastic,’ Cerda argues. Source: LUN

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