Challenges, strategies and opportunities for health in the context of the pandemic will be analyzed at Expo Hospital

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Press Expo Hospital 2023

The international fair, the only event in Chile for the health sector, will analyze health problems, strategies to address them and the advances and opportunities for reforming health systems that have existed during the Covid-19 pandemic at a global level. Covid-19 has imposed new challenges to healthcare institutions worldwide, where they have played a leading role in facing the pandemic for more than two years. That is why this year ExpoHospital will have a strategic area called “COVID Solutions”. With the participation of health authorities and experts, the main conflicts of the health crisis, the current strategies and solutions to mitigate both the contagion and the spread of the coronavirus, and will reflect on the future of post-pandemic health. Likewise, the main measures implemented, the actions deployed in the country to face the contagion and the most relevant lessons learned in the country and in a large part of the world will be analyzed. In the current scenario and after the progress of inoculation in the country and the opening of the country, Expo Hospital hopes to contribute to rethink questions, complexities and new challenges, contributing to a debate and analysis of the different problems experienced by the sector. “Our fight against the coronavirus in Chile has been an example for the whole world, and has been at the forefront in the acquisition of vaccines and in the massive vaccination process. The pandemic brought us many challenges and questions at a global level, but we have learned to face it. Today we have the opportunity to analyze new solutions to face today’s medical problems at ExpoHospital 2022,” said Francisco Sotomayor, executive director of GL events. ExpoHospital pillars The exhibition will also have three other strategic areas where the latest innovations and technologies in products and services related to improving people’s health will be exhibited. The first strategic area “Medical Technology and Innovations” will present the transformations and advances in recent times, including emergency medicine, equipment development, services and implemented practices, clinical-hospital equipment, ambulance and rescue units, nursing and monitoring, hospital pharmacy, home health care, transitional care and rehabilitation. In addition, in order to highlight advances in equipment and services and to further explore the modality of remote medical services, ExpoHospital will have a strategic area called “Digital Health”, where advances in telemedicine and health information technologies, artificial intelligence and massive data analysis, virtual reality and robotics, among others, will be on display. Finally, the exhibition will include the “Hospital Infrastructure and Architecture” area, where exhibitors will present the set of technical resources, services and facilities necessary for the development of good hospital care, including kitchens, laundry, energy, air conditioning, furniture, decoration, flooring, and architecture and construction companies. The multisectoral exhibition will allow health professionals and teams responsible for the areas of management, supply, logistics, patient care and attention from the public and private sectors to find the latest trends and technological solutions. ExpoHospital 2022 The new version of the exhibition will be held between September 6 and 8 at the new Metropolitan Santiago Convention & Events Center, located in San Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, Vitacura, Metropolitan Region. The largest healthcare meeting in Chile will be spread over 5 thousand square meters and expects to receive more than 5 thousand visitors, including professionals and executives from the sector, in a commercial and strategic space for the private, academic and public world, where the latest trends in the healthcare industry will be analyzed. Expo Hospital will also present more than 500 brands from Chile and abroad. Currently, the Expo Hospital fair and international congress is the only event in the country for the health sector, where various industry exponents present the latest advances, innovations and solutions to the main problems of the sector.

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