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Proposals of presidential candidates in health matters gathered attention from eisach at Expo Hospital 2021

Within the framework of the International Health Meeting in Chile (EISACH), the programmatic managers of the presidential candidacies of Yasna Provoste, Gabriel Boric and Sebastián Sichel delivered proposals on health within the framework of the realization of the most important Health Fair, Expo Hospital 2021. [...]

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Expo Hospital 2021 will address post-pandemic challenges; health proposals of presidential candidates and new strategies in digital matters for the sector

The EISACH, a meeting that takes place in parallel to the exhibition, will have a rich program of 11 conferences that will address the challenges in health for the coming years by experts in each subject. [...]

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Expo Hospital – The benefits of the hybrid format.

The new version will be held between October 26-28, 2021. [...]

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Clinics in Chile were, for the first time, awarded resolution of hospital waiting lists.

More than $114,855 million have been earmarked in the 2021 Budget – under a special health fund – for expenses aimed at resolving surgical waiting lists in public hospitals. [...]

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Expo Hospital announces its exhibition in hybrid format and rescheduled its realization for October

The new edition, that will occur between October 26 and 28, will be in virtual and on-site format, aiming to ensure that everyone can be part of it, assuming that for that date there will still be travel restrictions in the world. [...]

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Chile is the second country with the most vaccines for every 100 inhabitants.

The website ‘Our World in Data’, which collects official information on the advancement of the pandemic in the world, positions Chile second in the ranking of countries [...]

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New global health challenges will be discussed at Expo Hospital

Marked by the new challenges in the sector worldwide following the pandemic by Covid 19, Expo Hospital is preparing at full throttle to make a new version [...]

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Expo Hospital: EISACH will be marked for the new challenges in the health sector worldwide in times of Covid

In 2020 the health field was tested worldwide revolutionizing the sector, which caused the reformulation of questions, complexities and new challenges. [...]

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Instituto de Salud Pública (Public Health Institute) will consider the request to import the vaccine of AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford

The vaccine continues in Clinical studies and it could arrive without being ready to be implemented. [...]

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