Press Expo Hospital 2021

Results for category: Innovation and Trends in Health

Korea and its cutting-edge technology

A varied and innovative range of technology for the health sector, including X-ray and laboratory equipment will be present by Korean companies at Expo Hospital. […] [...]

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Golden Blaze: Innovation in uniforms

In this version of Expo Hospital 2019, the Golden Blaze company from Concepción, Chile will present antibacterial fabrics, resistance to fading […] [...]

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MMCall: Innovative call systems

Hospital nurse call systems and call buttons for the safety of health professionals will be exhibited by the company MMCall at Expo Hospital 2019 [...]

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Hospital feeding software

In the next version of Expo Hospital, the Food Service Chile company will present Nutriscience, an innovative software that controls the entire flow of the patient’s diet, their […] [...]

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