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The future of healthcare and the impact of IOT on healthcare

The future is exciting and Chile has everything it needs to solve major integration and technology challenges, as it has a unified workforce, natural resources, the collective brainpower; but most importantly, the ability to collaborate and execute efficiently. [...]

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PORCELANOSA Group will participate in EXPO HOSPITAL 2022 presenting Krion®

Founded in 1973 with the spirit of offering its customers a product of the highest quality and always following the latest design trends, PORCELANOSA Grupo is today a benchmark company in the national and international market, based on values such as innovation and quality. [...]

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Plus Medical to participate in ExpoHospital 2022

Plus Medical, a provider of equipment and services in the health field, focuses on meeting the needs of people throughout the country, offering the latest technology equipment and personalized attention to deliver a comprehensive solution sustained over time. [...]

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Medical Market announces participation in ExpoHospital

Medical Market seeks to be recognized as a leading company in the health area with a focus on radiology, ultrasound and monitoring, providing technology and innovation at a competitive price. [...]

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Lortech SpA to participate in ExpoHospital 2022

Lortech SpA’s main commitment to its customers and the healthcare community is to maintain a wide range of cold chain products. [...]

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FSMax Systems prepares for ExpoHospital 2022

The company specialized in management software for collective feeding and clinical nutrition will present the latest advances that seek to benefit the care of patients. [...]

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SEK UNIVERSITY present at Expo Hospital 2021

SEK University is the culmination of an entire pedagogical system started in Madrid 128 years ago. With more than 10,000 graduates and 33 years of life, USEK is an autonomous center integrated into the SEK International Institution. [...]

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NANOSERVICE present at Expo Hospital 2021

We are a CHILEAN company of highly specialized products, which use NANOCOBRE as the main asset in the protection and sanitization of contact surfaces. [...]

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Energy tracking present en Expo Hospital 2021

We are a pioneer in energy efficiency in Chile. We started in 2007, working on technological developments with integrated solutions that would allow us to make efficient use of energy, [...]

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LIDITEC, a company that provides integral solutions for the transformation of clinical spaces, will be part of Expo Hospital 2021

LIDITEC, a company that provides integral solutions for the transformation of clinical spaces, will be part of Expo Hospital 2021 [...]

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