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T-SALUD innovated in telemedicine and attracted attention at Expo Hospital

The Chilean company T-Salud, part of the TotalPack group, which has more than 30 years of experience in technological and logistic solutions in the health area, attracted attention at ExpoHospital with its innovative module for semi-presential patient care “tConsulta”. [...]

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FALP Mobile Clinic raises awareness about early detection of Breast Cancer at Expo Hospital 2022

During the 3 days that Expo Hospital 2022 will take place, Arturo López Pérez Foundation (FALP) will be present exhibiting one of its modern mobile clinics with which it annually performs free mammograms to women from all over the country. [...]

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ScienSolutions is present at Expo Hospital 2022

ScienSolutions is the new HealthTech leader in home care in Santiago that promises to bring the most clinical services to the home. [...]

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Melón and Aintech to present concrete with antimicrobial properties in Expo Hospital

Melón Hormigones, together with Chilean nanotechnology leader Aintech, developed an additive based on copper nanoparticles to create a new antimicrobial concrete called COPPERMIX. [...]

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Acuanaser introduces Nascare: High-quality medical supplies for effective recovery

Medical professionals rely on those instruments, devices and clinical materials that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), are essential for the achievement of development goals in this area. [...]

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TOC Biometrics, leader in biometric identity verification, will be present at Expo Hospital with its 100% digital solutions

The company, specialized in the development of digital technologies in identity verification, will participate in Expo Hospital 2022, where it will exhibit its innovative solutions for the health sector, 100% digital, sustainable, fast and secure. [...]

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AARQHOS will actively participate in the Tenth Version of Expo Hospital

The Asociación Gremial de Arquitectura y Especialidades Hospitalarias (AARQHOS) will have a stand at the outstanding event to be held in September 2022. At the EISACH Congress, architects Vicky Rojas and Laura Alarcón, representing the association, will give two talks on hospital infrastructure. [...]

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Ergotron: Key aspects for integrating quality telemedicine

For the whole world it was necessary to become more and more involved in the use of the health system through a mobile device since 2020. Everyone is aware of the impact and the effects that the pandemic has had on all sectors; the health sector is no stranger to these problems, which have had to overcome both the medical staff and those involved in health operations such as IT, from avoiding contact and therefore the contagion, as the need to solve the largest number of cases, and satisfactorily serve users. [...]

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The future of healthcare and the impact of IOT on healthcare

The future is exciting and Chile has everything it needs to solve major integration and technology challenges, as it has a unified workforce, natural resources, the collective brainpower; but most importantly, the ability to collaborate and execute efficiently. [...]

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PORCELANOSA Group will participate in EXPO HOSPITAL 2022 presenting Krion®

Founded in 1973 with the spirit of offering its customers a product of the highest quality and always following the latest design trends, PORCELANOSA Grupo is today a benchmark company in the national and international market, based on values such as innovation and quality. [...]

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