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Announcement 2021

Sectorisation In the new 2021 version Expo Hospital will have a sectorization in 4 areas: Medical Technologies and Innovations for: • Laboratories, Diagnosis and Clinical Analysis • Hospital Pharmacy and equipment • Home Care and Transitional Care • Rehabilitation, Traumatology and Sports Medicine • Rescue Units and Patient Transfers • Ambulatory Care Centers and Critical Units • Surgical Pavilions • High Resolution Technologies • Nuclear medicine • Cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention technologies • Biosecurity • Emergency Medicine • Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Industry • Nursing, Care and Patient Care • In Vitro solutions Hospital Infrastructure and Architecture for: • Kitchen – Laundry – Hospitality • Energy – Air conditioning – Furniture • Decoration – Parking – Catering • Vending Machine – Taps – Floors • Paintings – Lighting, others • Modular Hospitals • Architecture and Construction Companies • Among others Digital Health Care systems that are focused on: • Management and monitoring of information for chronic diseases • Telemedicine, Telediagnosis, Teleconsultation and Telerehabilitation • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data • Incorporate the patient into their own health care • Implement communication channels so patients can carry out administrative procedures with the Healthcare system • Achieve interoperability within the Healthcare system • Clinical and Financial Processes • Companies and startups with aplied technology for health care International • Participation of countries with health care technologies and solutions

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