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Agenda Expo Hospital 2019

Thursday 18 de April del 2019 Expo Hospital meets CENS in order to analyze topics related with the Smart Hospital Congress.

Thursday 11 de April del 2019 Expo Hospital announced that the conference “Digital transformation in Health” will be organized by the Digital transformation board of CORFO in conjunction with the Innovation department of the Ministry of Health.

Thursday 4 de April del 2019 ADIMECH announced its participation in Expo Hospital for first time as a Sponsor

Wednesday 3 de April del 2019 CORFO will be present with Startups of the Health sector

Tuesday 2 de April del 2019 The Kinesiologist assosiation will join us in ExpoHospital to inform about the interest in new thecnologies for the next 20 years

Friday 29 de March del 2019 ExpoHospital meet the Director of Public health Institute UNAB and analize the next topics for the 9th International Health Meeting in Chile, EISACH

Monday 18 de March del 2019 The Nursing College call professionals to use new technologies

Thursday 3 de January del 2019 The Health Ministry recieves ExpoHospital in audience.

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