Acuanaser introduces Nascare: High-quality medical supplies for effective recovery

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Press Expo Hospital 2023

Medical professionals rely on those instruments, devices and clinical materials that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), are essential for the achievement of development goals in this area. Therefore, suppliers of these medical and hospital supplies have become a key ally for public and private healthcare institutions to meet the required standards. Medical supplies are essential for any procedure and for the daily care of patients. They must be available at all times, in sufficient quantities, with the appropriate characteristics for each need, with quality assurance and with adequate and accessible information. For this reason, the acquisition of medical devices and supplies must be made with people’s well-being in mind, not their cost. In this context, distributors and importers of medical supplies play an essential role on a daily basis, since they provide an effective plan for the acquisition, maintenance and replacement of all types of supplies. Acuanaser, with its Nascare line, offers high standard products, at market price and with the possibility of being acquired through a Framework Agreement. Through this purchasing modality, public health institutions can access standardized and higher quality products, complying with the technical requirements of the Institute of Public Health and the Ministry of Health, which allows them to provide better care to the public. The company provides solutions from medical supplies, rescue and emergency equipment, tactical equipment, oxygen therapy, among others, to meet all the needs that may arise and thus ensure the supply of both medical devices and supplies. Acuanaser has been a company of tradition and family that, since its beginnings as an independent pharmacy in Isla de Maipo, has delivered alternatives and solutions to hundreds of homes. Today, together with its sister company, Nas International Group, located in Miami -USA-, they do not forget their role and actively participate in the peace missions of the Armed Forces, supplying them with special elements and supplies for their task. In this version of Expo Hospital, Acuanaser will present a complete catalog, with the classification and use of its line of supplies for advanced wound healing, which have high standard components such as hydrogel, dressings with alginates with silver, among others. In addition, you will be able to find all the products of its own Nascare line.

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