Lack of equipment to treat Cancer in Chile

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Press Expo Hospital 2019

Chile has more than nine thousand covered treatments (AUGE) on waiting list even though there is a guarantee deadline, more than 30% belongs to Cancer illness. The Public health system must grow 72% by 2028. The Ministry of Health established the lack of qualify specialist and medical equipment to treat oncology patients. Emilio Santelices Minister of Health says “Despite the government willingness to ensure this treatment by law, we do not reach the necessary equipment”. According to a survey made by the Ministry of Health, the public insurance system have less than half of the necessary equipment to achieve the demand for cancer treatment. In total Chile has 45% of healthcare coverage in screening, diagnosis and treatment equipment. Additionally, there are 287 chemotherapy recliner chairs in the different hospitals in Chile, but 667 are needed. The same with the 21 mammography devices available or the magnetize resonance devices which are far less than what is needed nowadays. This is one of the concerns that the Nacional Cancer Program wants to approach, considering an investment of a total of 5 billion dollars per year by the next 10 years. This is how the Ministry of Health expects to cover the lack of cancer equipment at least in a 72% by 2028. Another gap is the lack of Cancer Specialists. There is 74 for the entire country according to Ministry information but through this program it is expected to reach 123 by 2022. The professional needed are 60 Oncological Surgeon, 23 radiation therapist and 12 Medical Oncologist. More than the third part of the covered treatment (AUGE) in waiting list are related to Cancer disease.