5 Professional associations have joined EXPO HOSPITAL 2019


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Press Expo Hospital 2019

The Professional Associations of Physicians, Nurses, Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Chemists, Kinesiologists and Nutritionists have committed their support to the next version of EXPO HOSPITAL, giving account of the importance that the Exhibition and Conference of medical technologies, clinical – hospital equipment, services and solutions for the health sector has reached since its first version in 2011. So far, almost twenty institutions, including Professional Associations, Medical Schools, Research Centers, private organizations and public entities, have given their support, including the Medical Schools of the San Sebastián and De Los Andes Universities, together with the National Center for Health Information Systems (CENS); private organizations such as the Industrial Association of Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Asilfa) , Isapres from Chile and clinics from Chile, as well as public entities such as Corfo, ProChile and the Digital Transformation Committee. On the other hand, the Fundación País Digital, the Santiago Military Hospital and the Chilean Society of Clinical Simulation, together with the academic partner, the Institute of Public Health of the Andrés Bello University, have also joined. These institutions and organizations join the traditional collaboration provided by previous versions of entities such as the Ministry of Health, various professional associations, and public and private universities. In addition, the organization of this event has scheduled a series of meetings with new public-private sector agencies, academics and embassies, in the latter case, to strengthen the international call for the exhibition.