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Expo Hospital 2017

ACCESS 1: Américo Vespucio, arrive by El Salto until the No. 5,000, Huechuraba. ACCESS 2: Costanera Norte, follow the San Cristobal Tunnel to Américo Vespucio and continue along this last road to Av. El Salto, Huechuraba. Continue through El Salto to No. 5,000. Parking: Av. El Salto 5.000, Vespucio, Santa Clara and El Salto. More information

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Expo Hospital contributes to the image of our country as a world class capital, Chile builds confidence to take on new business, thanks to a strong and dynamic economy, political and social stability, which allows to maintain a good level of growth, One of the countries Best rated in Latin America. It also enjoys an international reputation based on good infrastructure, technology, security, transportation and climate, highly valued aspects of the development of exhibitions, conventions, conferences, among others.

Expo Hospital 2017

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